Tianwei International Park/White-collar apartment

It is located at 75 Taihua Road, Binhai New Area, Tianjin , covering a total area of 68,881 square meters with a construction area of 63,311 square meters. The consolidated floor area ratio is 0.91, building density is 31%, green area is 18,644 square meters, greening rate is 30%, and there are 350 parking spaces.

Tianwei Industrial Park strives to promote the industry development level and introduce high-tech, new type and special enterprises into the park, providing the best environment and first-class service for clients in supporting facilities, park greening, service standard. Since establishment of Tianwei Industrial Park, the company has gained great support from Development Zone Management Committee of Binhai New Area and the foreign enterprises. Currently, the world Top 500 enterprises, large state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises Tianjin branch have settled in Tianwei Industrial Park. Its occupancy rate has been up to 90%.

Power facility : five transformer to provide sufficient power for production and life :one is 1600KVA:three is 1250KVA: one is 630KVA.
Water facility : provide tap water and recycled water
Heating facility : central heating in the Development Zone
Cooling facility : central air conditioningbr /> Security : provide 24 hours security patrol ,24 hours monitoring and registration system

Area B:the white-collar apartment
5-8 floor: white-collar international apartment, with a total construction area of 21000 square meters, six-story houses with elevator, area of about 5058.35 square meters. A total of 192 sets, family diversity, decorate a style diversity, freedom of choice, the bag can be checked in.

supporting facility :
1.the high-grade decoration (you can move in at once )    2. residential and commercial use (such as registering the company)    3. the full set of high-end furniture    4.high-definition LCD TV, refrigerator, washing machine   5. Network interface    6.A.O Smith, shower system    7. burglarproof door    8. the Robam kitchenware    9. intelligent building access control, infrared alarm, CCTV monitoring, electronic patrolling    10. the housekeeper service level, provides the high quality property management services.