Tianwei Industrial Park/Industrial plant

Tianwei Industrial Park is an international, modern and multi-functional integrated industrial park. With its superior location and late-mover advantage, the company strives to make Binhai New Area into a new type of demonstration district. According to its function, the industrial park includes production and R&D area which is equipped with production workshops and R&D plants, flexible office area which is equipped with office buildings and conference buildings, and living area which is equipped with white-collar apartments and blue-collar apartments, etc. The whole park covers an area of 68,881 square meters, of which 186,44square meters are green area. The comprehensive plot ratio reaches 0.91 and building density is 31%. Its greening rate is 30% and the total parking lot is up to 350 units.

Tianwei Industrial Park strives to promote the industry development level and introduce high-tech, new type and special enterprises into the park, providing the best environment and first-class service for clients in supporting facilities, park greening, service standard. Since establishment of Tianwei Industrial Park, the company has gained great support from Development Zone Management Committee of Binhai New Area and the foreign enterprises. Currently, the world Top 500 enterprises, large state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises Tianjin branch have settled in Tianwei Industrial Park. Its occupancy rate has been up to 90%.

Area B:Industrial plant
 1 plant:1603.94m2
 2 plant:1297.03m2
 3 plant:Layer 2 workshop, a total of 3465 square meters
 5-8 floor: white-collar international apartment,six-story houses with elevator, area of about 5058.35 square meters.

 NO.9 Building : the blue-collar apartment with 6 floors equipped with 3 elevators and 1 goods lift ; each floor is 2238 square meters and the total area is 13426.28 square meters .Floor 1 and floor 2 are used for the supermarket ,restaurant ,ATM bank etc ; Floor 3 to floor 6 are used for the dormitory.