HongFa Group (Australia) Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianjin HongFa Investment Group, was listed on Sydney Stock Exchange on January 18th 2016. As the window to the outside world of HongFa Investment Group, adhering to the development principle of “internationalization of private capital”, HongFa Group (Australia) Ltd takes his first step of industrial trans-border development.


HongFa Group (Australia) Ltd enrolls his subsidiary—Tianjin Development Zone HongFa Property Management Co., Ltd into listing system through stock right distribution. As the only business entity, the domestic property management company is a comprehensive property management company and it was set up in January 2002, which integrates property management service, management consulting, business consulting, enterprise advertising and planning service as a whole service system. Through more than ten years’ development and growth, the company has become a service-diversified enterprise focusing on commercial property and industrial property. The total property area developed and managed by HongFa is covers 1 million square meters and the property occupancy rate is maintained at 100%. HongFa enjoys a favorable position in this industry. Current managing projects include “Hongtai-Kingbuyer Commercial Plaza, HongFa Industrial Park, Tianwei Industrial Park”.


According to the market demand, through accurate market positioning, the company puts great efforts into Internet property service, thus making it more convenient to serve the clients through online and offline service. The self-developed “HongFa Group (Australia) APP” is already put into use. The APP is developed on the basis of sound management system, whose business item covers mobile payment, online repairing service, compliant, etc. The service model breaks through traditional service pattern by making use of the advanced network platform and seamlessly integrating the online service with customers’ offline life, which lays a solid foundation for establishing HongFa into an international enterprise with a brand new business model.


On this happy occasion of listing on SSX successfully, taking advantage of the group"s original high-quality business assets, HongFa Group (Australia) Ltd takes the investment chance to adjust its property management system and broaden its industrial platform. Through investment, acquisition and reorganization, HongFa Group (Australia) Ltd provides great support to the group company’s domestic and international development plan. In the future, the group company will promote extensive cooperation with companies of various industries and develop new investing and financing channels. The listing of HongFa Group (Australia) Ltd opens the window for the capital internationalization of HongFa Investment Group, and it has a profound influence on the development of HongFa Group.